Our Approach

We are a group of pain management physicians offering full time interventional pain management. We believe that chronic pain is a unique human condition which requires the upmost compassion and perseverance. Our treatments include nonsurgical and surgical methods, as well as more non-traditional techniques. From exercise protocols to the insertion of spinal cord stimulators and spinal infusion catheters. As specialists in the treatment of pain we are accustomed to dealing with the most complicated pain states. We accept that responsibility, and will work as the patient's partner to improve his or her condition.

Our Doctors

Drs. Enrique Murciano and Raul Chao
head up the medical team at
South Miami Pain Center

Our Goal

The goal of the physicians and staff of South Miami Pain Center is to improve the quality of life by helping patients restore function and manage chronic pain. This is accomplished by addressing medical, physical, and psychological aspects of pain. The staff of pain management physicians have specialty training to address the complexity of chronic pain conditions. With the advanced training and knowledge of the latest research in treatment and technology of chronic pain, our team works together to tailor a personal program to help you significantly increase your quality of life.

Our Facilities

Our comfortable, spacious lobby

Interior waiting room

Examination room

Examination room

Procedure room

Flouroscopy machine

Radio frequency machine

Treatment room

Office management lobby